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5 Simple February DIY Crafts for Your Kids

Are you looking for a craft to make with your family inside for winter? These simple arts and crafts are the perfect activities for indoor fun. Your little people can create any one of these crafts. Each craft is themed with February in mind and offers your little people the opportunity to reflect and enjoy inside time. We would love to see how your arts and crafts turn out, so don't forget to share your pics and tag us on Facebook.

Candy Butterfly Treat

Here is an adorable gift idea for Valentine’s Day ~ m&m butterflies! The kids can even help make them for classmates, teachers, etc! It also would look cute with pink jelly beans or any other candy. They are really simple to make and you could do them for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.

Love Bug Fruit Cups

This Love Bug Fruit Cups are just one of the great Valentines day ideas for kids and are so cute. Im sure it would be a big hit for all the Valentine's Day Parties that are coming up. This craft is not only easy but fun as well.

Valentine's Card

This craft is not only easy but it teaches your child the virtue of being creative. Family and Friends will love this homemade craft that they can keep forever. Not only does this craft create bonding time but we're sure your little one will enjoy making it.

Get the tutorial Day in My LIfe

Peace Wreath for Black History Month

This beautiful peace wreath craft that would be the perfect addition to your plans for Martin Luther King Jr Day or Black History Month. As a collaborative project, your kiddos will find out firsthand what it means and how it feels to work together toward a common goal, as well as observe how each of their personal contributions is necessary and important in order to create a beautiful and full wreath to display!

Image Snowman Bowling - Love and Learn Child Care Center
Photo Credit:Pintrest - Love and Learn Child Care Center

Freedom Quilt

Creating a freedom quilt honoring the Underground Railroad is a fun learning activity. Your child will able to create their own patch for the quilt, providing the opportunity to find their own meaning in the impact the Underground Railroad had on black history

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