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4 Ways to Have the Best Spring Break!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Spring Break is often the most anticipated school break; for most of us, it’s the first real break we’ve gotten since winter break and the last one we’ll have before summer. This break is our opportunity to rest and recharge, but trying to figure out how to keep children fed, happy, and entertained can be a challenge. Here are some ways to have a low-stress, happy, and fun spring break the whole family will remember forever!

1.) Plan Ahead

Our number one tip for making the most of spring break is implementing a plan. Write down a schedule for each day/week, including meals, snacks, screen-free time, events and activities, etc. Being specific with the schedule helps children know what to expect from the day. Taking a break from structured living to relax and go with the flow of the day is sometimes much needed; however, kids thrive in structure! Knowing what to expect from the day can also help adults not get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of feeding, entertaining, and caring for children.

2.) Visit Local Attractions

If taking a trip out of town is not possible, then local attractions are your best friend! Visiting local attractions are a great way to get your kids active outside of the house. Who doesn’t love going on an adventure? While most people go straight for the zoo, aquarium, or children’s museum, don’t rule out your local park, playground, library, or farmer’s market. Utilize what’s local and works with your budget and schedule! Often these places are free to visit and have spaces designated for children of all ages. Call ahead or search online for hours of operation and see if any of the places are hosting special events. Having fun at a place near their home also teaches children that they can find adventure within their community.

3.) Make Mealtime Fun

Spring break means more mealtimes at home, and fulfilling breakfast, lunch, dinner, and numerous snack requests can quickly become a daunting task. Take some pressure off yourself and add some excitement to your child’s day by getting them in the kitchen to help with meals. Letting kids help prepare their meals gets them excited about eating at home and is a great chance for family bonding. Fun options for kid-friendly cooking include kid’s snack charcuterie boards, banana sushi, and D.I.Y pizza stations.

4.) Themed Family Night

Kids spend over 8 hours a day out of the house at school, after-school activities, or childcare on a typical week. Having a break from school creates more time to spend together as a family. The weather doesn’t always permit outdoor activities, but there’s no need to leave the house with this next hack! Create the perfect low-key activity for spring break by adding a theme to your typical family movie or game night. Tap into your creative side! When choosing a theme for family night, the options are unlimited and can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. Create costumes, decorations, and food to fit whatever theme your family decides. Costumes can be created using clothes that are already in your closets. Pull out the craft supplies and let your kids design and make their own placements, costume accessories, table centerpiece, party hats, or decorations for the house. Spring break should be all about creating fun memories that your kids won’t forget!

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