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Overcoming End-of-The-Year Burnout

As the weather gets warmer and the end of the school year gets closer, fighting burnout becomes harder for students, teachers, parents, and guardians. While the last few months of school can feel like it’s playing out in slow motion, our minds are checked out. However, there’s still so much work to be done at school, so how do we motivate our children to finish the school year just as strongly as they started it?

Help fight burnout by putting an incentive-based reward system in place with your kids. Typically incentives are used to help reinforce positive behaviors but are also a great option for extra motivation that may be needed to push through the end of the year. A simple reward system can help them find extra encouragement needed to maintain the expectations they face at school and at home during the end of the school year. The great thing about reward systems is that they can work for children of all ages. The goal of having an incentive-based reward system for your child is to provide encouragement and help push them past the lack of motivation, inability to focus, and mental exhaustion that burnout produces.

Rewards help motivate and inspire. They provide positive reinforcement for children when they hit expected goals and can help children complete difficult tasks. Rewards are recognition for a job well done.

The incentives included in your rewards system do not have to cost a lot of money or involve candy or junk food. Talk to your child to figure out what they view as valuable and create rewards that will be accessible, enjoyable, and serve as motivation for them.

Remember, while tangible rewards serve as great motivation and encouragement, children still need to hear that the adults in their life are proud of them! Talk to them about expectations for completing difficult tasks in the future and help them realize that feeling proud of themselves is the best reward for overcoming any obstacle.

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