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DIY Crayon Candle

Don't let this quarantine stop you from being creative! Grab your stubs of old crayons and let your creative juices flow. Help your little ones follow these careful instructions to create a colorful candle for Mom. This will be a mothers gift she will love.




-Old crayons ( 4 different colors of crayons)



1.Grate or chop the crayons into the smallest pieces possible.

2. Melt the wax

3. Created a double boiler using an empty coffee can and a pot.

4. Fill the pot with about 1-2 inches of water and bring to a slow simmer.

5. Once the wax is melted, turn the burner down to low. You want to keep the wax warm, but making the layers takes a bit of time. Work one color at a time.

6. Pour hot wax in to the bowl or container with the broken crayon. Use a craft stick to stir and allow the crayon to melt.

7. This is also the point where you would add any essential oils if you want to have a scented candle. (1 drop of oil recommended.)

8. Once you’ve poured a layer, put it in the fridge to set. If you use soy wax, this will take a bit. I found that regular wax sets up faster. When the layer is cool and firm, start again with the next crayon and the next layer. Continue on until you run out of room for layers.

9. Once the last layer is set, your candle is ready to burn!

I hope you and your kids have fun creating and making memories!


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