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Gobble Gobble!!! Turkey Treats


  • Rice Krispie Treats cut in rectangles

  • Fall sprinkles harvest colors

  • Nutter Butter cookies

  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips

  • 1/2 tsp coconut oil optional

  • Frosting just a tiny amount to use as glue

  • Candy eyes

  • Decorating gel- orange or yellow and red

  • Candy Corn


  • Begin by making a batch of marshmallow treats. Don’t forget the sprinkles! (1/4 c of butter, 1 pkg (10oz) large marshmallows melted together over low heat and then 6 cups rice cereal stirred in to coat. Press into pan, add sprinkles, cool and cut into bars.)

  • In a small bowl, microwave the chocolate chips and coconut oil for about 30 seconds and stir until completely melted and smooth.

  • Dip the bottom of a Nutter Butter cookie in chocolate and spread the top with a little frosting. Stick onto a treat bar before the chocolate hardens.

  • Using a dab of frosting, “glue” the eyes onto the cookies.

  • Pipe orange or yellow beaks and add a small red waddle.

  • Dip the tips of candy corn into the frosting and then press into the tops of the bars to create colorful tail feathers.

  • Place in freezer or refrigerator for a few minutes to quickly set the chocolate and frosting.


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