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St Patrick's Day Treat Idea

This treat is fun and easy!! It's also great for bonding time. So grab the kids and get the creating. I can ensure that both you and the children will enjoy this great food craft.

You will need:

-Blue Jell-O made (directions on box).

-Marshmallow Fluff ( for the cloud)

-Mini marshmallows,

JELL-O powder in Ziploc bags (colors of the rainbow),

skewers or cake wire.


To make the rainbow, pour the mini marshmallows in the bowl of water and stir to make sure they are all wet. Spoon out a few marshmallows at a time and put them in the bag of Jell-O powder (one color at a time) and SHAKE! When they are coated with the colored Jell-O powder, remove each marshmallow from the bag and put on plate to dry. Continue until you have made all of the colors of the rainbow. Hint- to make purple, mix blue and red Jell-O powder.

Let the rainbow marshmallows dry for about 2 hours. When they are dry, put them on a skewer to make a rainbow. If you want to have an arc like a rainbow, use cake wire that is found at craft/baking stores. Have an adult cut the wire with wire cutters to fit the cup. Assemble the rainbow marshmallows on the wire as seen in the video

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